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I think your API documentation is not generating correctly

The organizations endpoint appears under the "Users" table of content entry The cost-codes endpoint appears under the "Items" TOC entry etc. Many of the endpoints don't appear where they seem like they should.

Connecting LiquidPlanner Discussions to Google Chat

We use Google Workspace for our collaboration and productivity tools, including Chat. One of the biggest challenges to embedding LiquidPlanner in daily workflows is that it's separated from that conversation. It's not realistic to expect that it will all migrate to LiquidPlanner Discussions, which means there are two separate spaces, and it's likely LiquidPlanner Discussions will never be the dominant space. The API doesn't seem to include discussion items. Is there anything in the backlog that might allow a connection between LiquidPlanner Discussions and Google Chat?

Metadata endpoint

Hello, is there an endpoint to retrieve the metadata? Our admins have added custom fields to the People and Project screens and I need to determine if I can get them. Thanks, Ben

Formatting the JSON Response

Hello, is it possible to exclude the recordCount, recordLimit, and Data tags. In other words, get back only the actual data?

Assignment grid export via API missing parent task LP ID?

Hi, Does the API grid export of assignments include the parent task LP ID in the export as this would be useful to have included? Thanks, Kieran McNamara

How to Create APIUser member, in trial workspace

In the help page, for API, it says "create a dedicated user account for API access." Examples show APIUser. How do you create APIUser in a trial workspace to then generate a token to start testing? Maybe someone can do it for me? Maybe it's not an option in trial?

How can I import a large number of Projects with their associated tasks?

I have over 5000 projects to move from one platform to Liquid Planner. Is there a Package/Project template I can use?

SSL Requirements

What is the current SSL protocol requirement and were any changes to the requirement made on or about 12/20/23?

Custom Data on User

Is there anyway within the API to retrieve custom data fields associated with a user?

Ability to get hours expected in given window

In Classic LP we had an analytics report that we used to show hours expected to be consumed in a given period (week for example). It had started from a Task report. We could hit this single report with start & end date filters and get the work that 'should' be happening in this window. Is there a way to query LP New for the same information? As I'm looking at the API, I'm only seeing filters for items based on their expected/target starts & finishes. I don't think this is what I'm looking for as reality might not be what we expected or targeted. As a disclaimer, I'm not really an LP "user", I'm trying to extract information that our users are maintaining. My grasp of terminology and interconnections may be a little weak.