Release 34

R34 (Nov 3, 2022)

Share Planning Intelligence insights by integrating work metrics, scheduling and custom data into your digital ecosystem. Use the Open API to filter and download data for analysis or update plan items based on user actions in other systems. The Open API is included for Organizations with a paid ULTIMATE Plan. API Access is located under Administration in the left-side navigation.

The API team has been busy! Functionality is expanded to include:

Pulling a Timesheet Export in JSON format

Duplicating Plan Items and creating a Project from a Template

Managing Everyone Time-Off and Personal Time-Off (add, update, delete)

Control over Dependencies & Wait Days (add, update wait (days), delete)

Distinction in the Changes view to indicate when a change is made programmatically using the API. (Note: This applies to changes made after R34 is released to production)

Additional fields in the response for the Items endpoint such as inherited target start date, inherited target finish date, inherited custom fields, and dependencies

Ability to specify the priority position when creating or updating a plan item (Package, Project, Sub-Folder, Task)

Ability to clear custom field values on a plan item

Additional filtering support on the logged-time-entry endpoint to allow pulling time entries based when they were created or updated

Expanded filter options on the [Items endpoint]((doc:plan-items) to allow filtering by clipped hours, custom data fields and inherited custom fields (except Notes)

More helpful details in the Users endpoint including: user type (member, resource, placeholder), username, and user status (active or disconnected)

  • User is considered as disconnected only if the user has been disconnected from all workspaces in the org
  • User is considered active if the user is active in any single workspace in the Org

Expanded filtering on the Users endpoint to allow filtering by user type, user status