Filter Parameters

This documentation is for LiquidPlanner New:

Filter or Restrict Results to Match Your Criteria

When making an API request, you can filter or restrict the set of results returned to those matching the criteria you specify.

There are two reasons to filter on the server (rather than iterating over the records client-side):

  • Reduce the size of the response by including only matching records
  • Logic is identical to that used by the web application

To filter, supply the parameters in the request URL. Remember that filters are case sensitive. Each filter string has three parts:

  • Attribute (case sensitive)
  • Operator (case sensitive)
  • Value (case sensitive for enum strings, otherwise case insensitive)

The query string should look like:

In the example below, the filter conjunction is assumed to be AND, such that only those items matching all supplied filters will be returned.<workspace id>/items/v1?itemType[is]="tasks"&parentId[is]="1234"